Dog Ear Infections: The Tell-Tale Signs and Medication



Dogs raised well usually have strong immune systems and can fend off any infections or diseases. However, you have to understand as the owner that no matter how caring and loving you are, your dog can contract some infections that could make him irritable or could lead to other complications.

Some of the most common conditions are ear infections. If you’re not sure about our dog’s condition yet, watch out for these tell-tale signs that could translate to a certain dog ear infection which will need treatment and careful attention:

  1. Ear scratching

Ever notice that your dog has been frequently scratching one or both ears? Aside from scratching and whining when he touches his ears, you may also find him rubbing his ears against hard objects.

  1. Head shaking

Some pet owners find this habit cute and adorable but it could also mean something serious. Since your dog can’t really tell you how he feels, you should take note of consistent head shaking or head tilting on one side.

  1. Swelling

Redness or swelling of a dog’s ears could mean an infection and if he doesn’t get treated, this could lead to complications that could alter his overall health.

  1. Whimpering when ears are touched

When you give your dog a hug or a pat on the head and you touch his ears, be mindful if he starts whimpering or howling. This means he is in pain and you should not take this reaction for granted.

  1. Foul smell

This is a very common symptom in dogs with ear infections. If you notice yellowish or brownish discharge from his ears along with a foul smell, he might already have an infection that needs treatment right away.

Now that you know the symptoms of an ear infections in dogs, it’s time to know how you can treat your dog without putting his overall health at risk. While there are some reliable suggestions about home remedies, it is still best to consult with an expert or look for the best providers of dog ear medication. The reason behind is obvious: you only want the best for your dog and you don’t want to go wrong when it comes to the appropriate dog ear medication that he needs.

You may find some reputable providers offering ear drops for dogs which are meant to treat whatever infection he has. In some cases, there will be other dog ear infection treatment which will be more specific. Ear infections in dogs vary so you should also be careful what you give him. Some medication may not work for him even if it works for other dog breeds.

Before making a purchase, always ask your ear mites in cats medication expert if the product you’re planning to buy is appropriate for your dog’s breed, size, and age. Be aware of the dosage your dog needs to avoid side effects connected with overdosing. This way, you can rest assured that your dog will soon be back to his usual, happy, and lively self.


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