The Risks of Ear Mites for Your Pet



Have you ever stopped to think about the effect of ear mites have on your puppies? Should you be worried?  Absolutely yes. Ear mites indeed influence your dog’s health and daily living considerably.

Unintended death due to these little creatures are rare, but the effects they have on the dog’s mood and behavior are quite pronounced. Picture that jumpy and joyous puppy lying down all day. Ear mites are indeed a nuisance. To top it all, they depend on dogs’ body for meals.

Ear mites can be found in other pets such as cats and dogs. These creatures can be classified as parasites, that actually prey on the skin wastes of your dog’s body. In this instance, they prey on the dogs’ ears for food.  There stay there is as long as they are able to cater for their nutritious needs. Sadly, this could even be the entire lifeline of the dog.

The probability of detecting ear mites using naked eyes is almost similar to that of not detecting them at all. There are varieties which can be large enough to be noticed flying about the hair and skin of your dog. On the contrary, there are some that may only be detected under a microscope. But on the other hand, you do not have to observe hearing mites only to understand whether or maybe not your puppy is afflicted by it. There are signs and symptoms that are observable.

Changes in the mood of your pet and constantly rubbing or scratching ears is one of the tell-tale signs of being infested. This symptom is then accompanied by some discharge-usually brown- from their ears. The mites catalyze the creation of excess ear wax leading to the discharge.

Dogs can clean their ears on their own and hence there is no need to constantly clean their ears by Dr Dogs Ear Oil. However, pay special attention to the discharge if you notice any. Excessive discharge and rubbing should alarm you.

You cannot rule out the possibility of death by ear mites’ infection however rare the cases reported are. Termites infiltrating strong into the ears might trigger harm to the tympanic membrane. The hearing function is as crucial for dogs as it is for humans and maintaining balance is important. Ear mites might interrupt that balance and trigger convulsions for your dog. In the event, your dog endured a terrible case of seizure, it is exposed to several risks that include death.

It is always advisable to separate the infected pets from the others.  Ear mites are highly infectious. This informs the reasons why it’s very vital that you tackle the issue early on. If not acted upon early the disease might spread to other pets further complicating an already complex situation.

To prevent this infection by Dr Dogs Ear Oil, the rule of thumb is to always maintain cleanliness. As such ensure that your pet and its residence is always cleaned.


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